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Transformation Plus

Complete physical and psychological transformation.

Without rebirth.

Model Couple

Are you your best version yet?

When was the last time someone said, OMG is that you? Whoa! What a transformation!

Its the survival of the fittest, the best looking with the smartest of minds.

Why do some people have charisma, and some don't? Transform and watch how people treat you differently.

Let’s accept it, we all want to be the best. In our profession or in relationships.

Being on the top, and staying there requires emotional resilience, a specific thinking skill set, looking great, physical fitness, grooming right, dressing well and a positive image in public and social media.

Our team of the best professionals will help you get a complete makeover and help you achieve the dream of being your best.
You read it right, a complete makeover!

So you look different, feel different and transform into a completely new person, without rebirth, of course.

What to expect in the Transformation plus program

Young Joggers

Physical fitness

Get in shape! Get healthier. Our expert will evaluate, diagnose, treat medical disorders, custom make a nutrition plan for you, design workout schedule, set realistic and achievable goals, follow through and encourage you through the whole process. We know why diet programs fail, and how to fix it. Whether you want to lose inches or gain muscle, build six pack abs or get lean, our expert will help you realise your dream. He will troubleshoot if goals aren't achieved to the max, prevent a backslide, maintain the results even after leaving the program.

Team Meeting

Psychological makeover

Get the charisma, confidence, resilience and emotional strength. Channelize and manage your feelings to boost your productivity. Manage habits like postponing, deal with depression, anxiety, hurt, jealousy, anger and low confidence. Manage emotional eating, addictions, and aggression, learn life skills like assertiveness, problem-solving, decision making, effort tolerance, persistence, low motivation, public speaking and conflict resolution. All by an expert based on evidence-based Cognitive Behavior therapy.

Beauty Treatment

Skin, face and body sculpting

For guys and girls both, the face is a mirror of your inner self. Look your best with proper skincare. Get the best skin treatments, and glow like someone who's receiving an Oscar! 
Get the high definition body sculpting with our expert aesthetic surgeons and dermatologists.

Clapping Audience

Styling and Image

You are as popular as your public image is. Build a positive image of yourself and improve credibility. Our image consultants and stylists will save you thousands of rupees and help you earn even more by appropriate image management, be it in real life or on social media. Wear what suits you best and look stunning without spending a bomb. Dress according to the climate, profession, body type and occasions. Whether you want to look like a celebrity or a CEO, we are here to help. All by the best stylists in the industry.


Get to Know Us


Dr Shishir Palsapure

Director, Founder, Morphic Minds, Transformation Plus

Dr Shishir Palsapure MD (Hom) MSc (Psy) is a certified trainer, supervisor and a psychotherapist. Dr Shishir has been certified by the Albert Ellis Institute, New York as a RECBT supervisor. He will look after the psychological transformation of the participants. From teaching psychological skills, modifying habits, boosting confidence, self-image to developing charisma, Dr Shishir will guide you through the process.


Satyajeet Chaurasia

Celebrity trainer

Satyajit Chaurasia, lovingly called Satya or Chintu by his celebrity clients is one of the most sought after names when it comes to Bollywood fitness consultancy. Owns a chain of gymnasiums, his knowledge, expertise and attention to detail is unmatched. His clients include Aamir Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Sonu Sood, Saif Ali Khan and countless others


Jai Rao

Personal trainer

Jai Rao is a celebrity trainer who's passionate about working out and delivering results. He regularly hosts transformation programs and operates in Gurugram and Delhi NCR area. Jai is known for his commitment to exercise and motivating clients to reach their fullest potential. Flexible with his approach, he ensures clients get their desired body. He has won the Mr. Haryana 2019, Mr. Gurugram 2019 contests.

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Paras Chawla

Transformation specialist

Paras Chawla, a young entrepreneur from Delhi is a transformation specialist and a lawyer. His team has celebrity clients from the TV and film industry to his credit.  Having transformed himself, he along with his team shall assist you with physical transformation. 
Region; New Delhi NCR, Mumbai

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Dr Dhananjay More

Chairman, MD, Dhananjay More Fitness solutions

Dr Dhananjay More MBBS is a medical doctor, 
Health and fitness specialist certified by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), ACE, ISSA and IDEA certified Specialist. He will look after the nutrition, fitness, workouts, supplements of the participants.


Mohsin Khan

Bodybuilding Coach

Musclemania Pro
Mr. Asia 2019
Mr. India 2015

Bodybuilding Coach
Fitness Coach
Lifestyle coach.
Fitness consultant 
Motivational speaker.
Lifting weights for 20 years.

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Arun Kumar

Celebrity trainer

Arun Kumar is a celebrity trainer from New Delhi. He has helped innumerable bodybuilders and celebrities prepare for contests and competitions. With an inspirational body himself, he has the expertise to help you get your dream body. Arun Kumar is highly reputed in the industry with many trainers getting trained under his guidance.


Pradeep Kumar

Bollywood transformation specialist

Pradeep Kumar has trained tens of Bollywood celebrities, artists from the music industry, and worked closely with them. A few names are

  • Ranbir Kapoor, 

  • Singer Badshah

  • Katrina Kaif

  • Priyanka Chopra

  • Anil Kapoor

  • Sunita Kapoor

  • Lara Dutta

  • Kim Sharma

  • Arjun Rampal

  • Mallaika Arora Khan

  • Amrita Arora

  • Siddharth Malhotra

  • Chitrangada

  • Diljit Dosanjh,

  • Ritesh Deshmukh,

  • Vineet Kumar Singh, 


Dr Aamod Rao

Renowned Aesthetic Surgeon

Dr Aamod Rao is a renowned aesthetic surgeon. He is a specialist in mummy makeovers, Breast reduction surgery, Treatment of Poland syndrome, High definition body sculpting, hair transplant and other aesthetic procedures. He will help the participants reach their aesthetic goals with surgical and non-surgical procedures.

2014-01-09 12.54.51.png

Kevin Agrawal

Sports physiotherapist and injury specialist

Kevin is a skilled physiotherapist and a sports injury specialist. He has been the official physiotherapist in many national and international sports events. Kevin's skills are unmatched and he will assist the participants to reach their aesthetic and fitness goals in collaboration with the fitness trainers.


Asma Upare

Pageant groomer

  • Archrz Mrs .India 2017 Winner

  • Archrz Mrs.India 2017 most Popular 

  • Elite Mrs.India 2016 Most Talented 

  • Elite Mrs.India 2016 Best groomed

  • Dainik Bhaskar Women award on Outstanding excellence 

  • Honored by Association for Social welfare and protection of human rights .

Concert Crowd

New Delhi






Investment: Will be worth it. To be announced.
Batches start in March 2020

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