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The best place to Learn CBT in India. Any day without any doubt I say Morphic Minds is the place to trust that it shall provide bestest of Training and Supervised learning. Shishir is my favourite CBT guru🌸🌸 
Nimisha Rastogi, Psychologist, Ahemadabad

I have recently attended the level 1 and 2 of CBT with Shishir. As a trainer he is really good and his grip over the topic and the clarity with which he conducts course can be very useful for both students learning to become therapists and existing therapists who are looking at enhancing their skills. 
Nitin Shah, Psychologist and trainer, Mumbai

MorphicMinds and Dr Shishir Palsapure are the best there is in the field of REBT.
Dr. Tarique Sani, Pediatrician, IT professional and counselor, Nagpur.

Only place in India where best quality training is available. Shishir sir is a fantastic mentor, guru and guide. Always very encouraging, motivating and inspiring. 
- Shreya Pahwa, Psychologist, Bhopal

Morphic Minds is a very nice organisation dedicated to the development of mental health professionals. This is the need of the time ! 
Dr. Vaishali Chavan, Anesthesiologist, psychologist. Sangli

Dr Shishir is a fantastic trainer, he is strong in his concept delivery and he is a great motivator. Ever since I thought about getting trained in CBT , I started following the Morphic Minds. It was a wonderful exposure to CBT and also Dr Shishir’s practical knowledge helped me in understanding the essentials of establishing oneself in the field of therapy and intervention. Thank you sir.
Bindu Srinivas, Psychologist.

Shishir sir is one of the best people for CBT and REBT training. His lectures are to the point very logical n rational n delivers very effectively. I look forward to his training and strongly recommend him and morphic minds for internship training. 
Shabina Shaikh, Psychologist, Nagpur.

Excellent world class training and approachability of the trainers.
Dr. Pooja. Homoeopath

I have completed CBT level 1 and 2 from Morphic Minds. Shishir sir is one of the best person for CBT and REBT trainings. His lectures are structured, crisp and to the point. The way he delivers them makes it easy to comprehend and remember well. His notes/handouts are too good and self explanatory and worded in most simplified and comprehensible way. I like the way he gives feedback post peer counselling sessions. It's always worded in positive way and focus is drawn on strengths with recommendations to work on weak areas but no where words like weakness, poor performance etc are used. He guides when one gets stuck during counselling and even probe for other strategies which can be used. He always cracks a jokes in between his lectures which makes moment light and feel at ease especially if it's too much information to take in at time. I look forward for his trainings and strongly recommend him and Morphic Minds for counselling or/and getting trained in CBT/REBT under him. It was an honour to learn from you sir and looking forward for level 3 training too.
Ajeeta Mulye, Psychologist.

Lectures delivered by Dr. Shishir Palsapure were extremely crisp, clear, and target driven. The course was organised in a very structured manner. The examples given while teaching a concept made it extremely easy to comprehend and learn the techniques. The training sessions helped each one of us to apply the theory that was taught. All in all, it was a great learning experience. A lot of hard work and thought was put into this by the Morphic Minds team. Thank You. 
Yuvika Kamdar, Psychologist

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