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Productivity Coach Certificate
Productivity Coach Certificate

Sun, 01 Aug



Productivity Coach Certificate

An intensive training to become a Productivity Coach based on Evidence-based therapies CBT and REBT. Suitable for psychologists, life-coaches, counselors, motivational speakers, industrial and corporate trainers, gym trainers, image consultants and anyone who helps others with productivity

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Time & Location

01 Aug 2021, 10:00 am – 01 Feb 2022, 5:00 pm

Nagpur, 700, Prime 9, above Domino's, near Traffic Park, Dharampeth, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440012, India

About The Event

Life coaches are a passe', be a Productivity coach.


1. The six month certification is aimed at training psychologists and other mental health professionals to help others boost their productivity in various areas like work, relationships, and health. 

2. This training offers a credible specialization certification to therapists who are already licensed/eligible for

license in India. This is usually Masters degree in Psychology/Medicine/Social work or psychiatry.

Goals 1. To train the participants in the theory of CBT and REBT and its application in various contexts. 

2. Supervise their therapy in one-one and peer group settings. 

3. Facilitate their work in one-one, group therapy, corporate and community settings. 

4. Training participants in the theory of motivation, behavioral change, productivity, emotional management

and life skills. 

5. Training participants in public speaking, corporate trainings, executive coaching, relationship counseling,

pro health behaviours and numerous life skills. 

6. Helping participants undergo their own growth through individual REBT sessions.

Eligibility Masters in Psychology, Social work, Psychiatry, Nursing or Bachelor’s in Medicine. Licensed or license eligible counsellors, psychologist,s and psychotherapists. 

Features of the Certificate The six-month certificate would have these features 

• 50 hours of didactic classroom teaching (in person 40 hours and 10 hours on video conferencing) Lectures

delivered by AEI certified supervisors, management and HR professionals, doctors. • 5 full session demonstrations • 10 hours of viewing online videos with built-in tests • 25 hours of tape supervision • 25 hours of peer counselling supervision • 40 hours of community setting assignment. Eg. Corporate settings, educational institutes, student coaching

at the institute itself, medical settings etc. • 10 hours of executive coaching assignment • 5 Individual REBT session for themselves • Submission of one paper in max 1500 words about the application of CBT and REBT in Corporate, medical,

interpersonal and educational settings. This could be a research paper too. • Submission of a book review on a CBT and REBT book. • One final full-length session supervision of one on one therapy recording by Dr Shishir Palsapure • Three final video submissions for supervision by Dr Shishir Palsapure  of their productivity coaching in community/group/work/corporate/health/relationship settings

Required reading

1. A Practitioner’s Guide to Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy 3rd Edition by R. DiGiuseppe, K. Doyle, W.

Dryden, & W. Backx

2. Life Coaching by Windy Dryden, Michael Neenan

3. Dealing with Emotional Problems- Using Rational-Emotive Cognitive Behaviour Therapy: A Practitioner’s Guide by W. Dryden

Syllabus/topics covered in theory REBT and counselling basics 

1. Theory of REBT 

2. Assessment, intake 

3. Basic counselling skills 

4. Therapeutic alliance 

5. Disputing techniques 

6. REBT for Depression, Anxiety, Anger 

7. REBT for Procrastination 

8. REBT for personality disorders 

9. REBT in group settings 

10. REBT in community settings eg. schools, corporates, hospitals- Overview 

11. Limitations of psychotherapy and scope for pharmacotherapy (by psychiatrist) 

12. Co-morbid medical disorders with psychological problems (by medical doctors) 

13. Life skills- Assertiveness, decision making, problems solving, time management, proactivity, empathy,

adaptability, High frustration tolerance. 

REBT for Corporate productivity coaching 

14. Employee assistance programs 

15. REBT and Motivation, Goal setting, productivity, leadership 

REBT for Executive coaching 

16. Coaching basics, encouragement and facilitation 18. REBT and prevention of psychological problems 

REBT for Student coaching 

17. REBT for children and adolescents 

18. REBT and Social Emotional Learning 

19. Boosting academic performance 

20. Dealing with exam anxiety, peer influence, screen usage 

REBT for Relationship coaching 

21. REBT for Relationships- couples, family, and friends 

REBT for Health goals coaching 

22. REBT for pro-health behaviors- Compliance with medication, diet, exercise regime 23. Losing/gaining weight, muscle, maintaining the ‘gains’. 

REBT for Sports coaching 

20. Goal setting 

21. Improving performance 

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