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42nd  Batch Internship- July 1st 2024
42nd  Batch Internship- July 1st 2024

Sat, 01 Jun



42nd Batch Internship- July 1st 2024

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Time & Location

01 Jun 2024, 12:00 pm

Nagpur, 700 Prime 9, above Domino's, next to Traffic park, Dharampeth, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440010, India


About The Event

Your first step to learning practice

Psychology internships at Morphic Minds are an excellent opportunity to transit smoothly from college to practising therapy independently. The internship gives hands-on exposure to client reviews, case taking, basic assessments and handling clients. The internship manager will facilitate your learning with activities, assignments, surveys, making reels, presentations and basic training. We practice evidence-based therapies such as CBT and REBT only at the centre. Interns shall receive a certificate of completion from Morphic Minds, an affiliated training centre of IAREBT, USA, with hours of internship and evaluation mentioned. Many universities require students to complete a stipulated time in internships under a certified supervisor. Our internship offers a cost-free opportunity to do so. We do not charge nor pay the students during the internship. Students shall be evaluated before they are admitted to the internship.

**Internship Syllabus: Entry and Intermediate Level Training in CBT, REBT, and Psychotherapy**

**Duration:** Four weeks (extendable based on need)


This internship aims to provide entry and intermediate level training to psychology students who have completed their Masters in Psychology. The primary focus will be on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), psychotherapy, basic counseling skills, case-taking, history reviews, basic assessments, interpersonal skills, and effective communication with clients and patients. Interns will gain exposure to real clients and observe demonstrations of full-length therapy sessions.

**Week 1: Foundations of CBT and REBT**

- Introduction to CBT and REBT principles

- Understanding the theoretical underpinnings

- Overview of key techniques and interventions

- Role plays and mock sessions to practice basic skills

**Week 2: Case Taking, History Reviews, and Basic Assessments**

- Learning techniques for comprehensive case-taking

- Understanding the importance of patient history in therapy

- Conducting mock case-taking sessions and receiving feedback

- Introduction to basic assessment tools in psychology

**Week 3: Skill Demonstration, Presentations, and Engagement**

- Approval and demonstration of acquired history-taking and review skills

- Presentations on various topics in psychology

- Delivery of chapter summaries from CBT and REBT books

- Engagement in activities, role plays, and mock sessions

**Week 4: Interpersonal Skills, Client Interaction, and Reflection**

- Developing interpersonal skills for effective client interactions

- Observing therapy sessions conducted by experienced practitioners

- Assisting in real client sessions under supervision

- Reflective sessions to discuss observations and experiences

**Final Day: Integration and Reflection**

- Integration of learning experiences throughout the internship

- Reflective session to discuss challenges, growth, and future goals

- Final assessment and feedback from supervisors

**Note:** Interns have the option to extend the internship based on their learning goals and supervisor recommendations. Additional weeks can be tailored to specific areas of interest or skill development needs.

All interns must be physically present at the training centre. We don't offer an online internship (just like there are no online swimming classes).

Read the guidelines below, and apply for the internship. There shall be an entrance test, and if you clear you shall be accepted for the internship.

Internship guidelines

Please read carefully, and apply ONLY if you agree to abide by them.

  1. Interns must inquire about their assigned clients during the week.
  2. Ensure timely delivery of assessments and reminders to clients.
  3. Maintain a minimum attendance of 70% at the clinic. Failure to meet attendance requirements may result in termination of the internship.
  4. Start sessions on time, prioritizing history or review completion. If a patient arrives late, defer history-taking to a later time.
  5. Maintain strict confidentiality regarding client information.
  6. Discuss cases in class while preserving full confidentiality of demographic information.
  7. When requesting to sit in on a session, kindly explain the need to take session notes and ask, "May I please sit through the session if you are comfortable? If not, it's perfectly fine."
  8. Report punctually at 12 noon and promptly notify the internship head if running late via the WhatsApp group.
  9. Complete a minimum of 30 days of internship.
  10. Respect fellow interns and maintain decorum while fostering a positive learning environment. Discrimination based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, skin color, or other physical/psychological/cognitive attributes is strictly prohibited.
  11. Fulfil the assigned number of case reviews and detailed histories. If unable to interact with clients, collaborate with other interns for practice. Treat all clients equally.
  12. Actively participate in presenting topics and engaging in activities like reels, podcasts, support groups, and videos.
  13. Attend lectures by internship heads and Dr. Shishir Palsapure, both on-site and at other venues such as corporates, schools, and colleges.
  14. Utilize the refrigerator, pantry, etc., for personal food consumption.
  15. Switch off the air conditioner when the conference hall is unoccupied.
  16. If fewer interns are present, use smaller rooms to save electricity when using AC and responsibly utilize office resources like printers, Wi-Fi, TV, microwave, etc.
  17. Maintain strict confidentiality regarding clients' diagnoses, information, and any personal challenges discussed among interns.

Confidentiality and Privacy Policy:

  1. Treat all patient information as strictly confidential, including their association with this office.
  2. Patient privacy and confidentiality are protected by ethics codes, state laws, regulations, and relevant regulations like HIPAA or Indian Penal Code.
  3. Disclosing patient information to individuals outside this office, removing patient information from the office, discussing/revealing patient information to unauthorized employees, accessing unnecessary patient information, copying patient files onto personal devices, sending patient information via email or fax without authorization, copying patient information onto electronic media without specific authorization, and sharing patient information on the internet or publicly are all inappropriate, unethical, and/or illegal.
  4. Explicit informed consent from the patient and authorization from their clinician is necessary for any disclosure of patient information.
  5. There shall be an entrance test before the internship online, and if you clear you shall be accepted for the internship.

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