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Employee Assistance program

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Employee assistance program: Services
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Assessment and tracking

One of the essential aspects of an EAP is pre-post intervention assessment of the employees. The assessment helps the companies evaluate the efficacy of the program, and helps formulate the interventions, customise them and refine the strategies to boost productivity.


Individual Therapy and crisis management

Confidential individual counselling sessions are offered through face to face meetings, phone/Skype. All our psychologists are highly trained in dealing with individual/couple issues, crisis management, and their therapy supervised by certified Supervisor- Dr Shishir Palsapure. 
The psychologists visit the venue if required to help deal with the crisis. 

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Regular training

Regular training sessions are offered to cover a variety of topics covering mental, psychological and behavioural well being. This ensures the human connect and group activities encourage teamwork and normalises the emotional problems.

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Objectives of EAP

1. Psychological well being and growth (includes emotional quotient, recognising and regulating emotions in self and others, empathy etc)

2. Physical well being

3. Pro-health behaviours

4. Boosting productivity

5. Higher work satisfaction

6. Reduction of procrastination

7. Improved cooperation

8. Dealing with change

9. Reduced absenteeism

10. Reduced stress- Work/family related

11. Seeking help for psychological and interpersonal problems

12. Dealing with major life events/crisis effectively

13. Reducing alcohol/tobacco/smoking/drug use

14. Assist dependents of the employees with problems eg. children and parents

15. Teaching life skills like decision making, dealing with criticism and difficult people, giving feedback, assertiveness, managing time, work-life balance, resilience, adaptability etc.

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