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Thinking Man on Couch
Thinking Man on Couch

Thinking Man on Couch
Thinking Man on Couch

RE & CBT Suicide Treatment: Techniques to Work with Clients at Risk of Suicide

Ennio Ammendola, M.A., M.H.C.

Existing literature suggests that several factors are involved in properly understanding a suicide attempt and effectively implementing subsequent treatment. Understanding the complex phenomena of suicide is never easy because suicidal ideation and behaviors are the result of interactions between neurobiology tendencies, personal and family history, stressful events, socio-cultural environments, and elements of cognitions, behaviors and emotional responses. When faced with the emergence of suicidal thoughts and behaviors, many therapists still perform clinical interventions surrounded by limited awareness and understanding of the aspects of suicide and suicidality. When faced with individual differences, some therapists still apply a cookie-cutter approach without paying attention to these differences. This workshop will focus on working with clients at risk of suicide within a RE&CBT Person-Centered approach. Emphasis will be placed predominantly on treatment strategies and will explore some of the main RE&CBT Person-Centered suicide factors. These factors include: actively listening to the suicidal narrative in RE & CBT terms, the A-C connection versus the B-C connection, the original ABC model versus the novel ABBC suicide model, the meaning of “feeling suicidal” versus “feeling life giving”, the gradient nature of suicidality, the fundamental concept of “Understanding the Person in the Context of his/her Suicidality” (UPCS), the four As of suicidality, and the risk of focusing on secondary emotions. Finally, the differences between inpatient suicidality versus outpatient suicidality will be discussed. Participants are encouraged to come prepared with clinical cases for role plays and analysis.

Date: Friday 16th August 2018. 
Time: (9 am- 5.30 pm)


RE & CBT Evidence-Based Treatment for Trauma

Steve Johnson, Ph.D.

This workshop provides guidelines on working with clients who have been exposed to trauma. Symptoms to be addressed include loss of self, shame, emotional numbness, re-experiencing of traumatic experiences, inability to feel safe, dissociation as well as depressive and anxious symptoms. The workshop will largely focus on 1) empirical research on the effects of trauma and 2) state-of-the-art treatment options, with a particular emphasis on Rational Emotive &Cognitive Behavior Therapy approaches (RE&CBT).

Date: Friday 17th August

Time: (10 am- 5.30 pm)




Group therapy
Group therapy


RE & CBT Evidence-Based Treatment of Addictions

F. Michler Bishop, Ph.D.

Most clients present with multiple problems and with very different levels of motivation to change. This workshop will focus on creating evidence-based treatment plans for separate and distinct clients. There will be a focus on integrating motivational interviewing, behavioural interventions, and approaches that emphasise the importance of values and spiritually-related issues. Participants will have the opportunity to practice techniques that have proven to be effective with individuals and groups. SMART Recovery, an RE & CBT-based self-help group approach, will also be discussed.

Date: Saturday18th August

Time: (9 am- 5.30 pm)

Who shall benefit?
Psychologists, psychiatrists, de addiction counsellors, MSW, Trauma therapists, EMDR specialists, hypnotherapists, doctors, school counsellors, psychology students. 

Training kit, tea/coffee, cookies twice a day, lunch, separate Certificates of attendance for each workshop issued by Albert Ellis Institute, New York, USA.

COMPLIMENTARY ONE DAY ORIENTATION TO RECBT ON 15th AUGUST for the registrants of one or more workshops.

(Please note only tea/coffee is served and Lunch is not included in the complimentary workshop. The rest of the workshops have the Lunch included)


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INR 25000 for all three workshops
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INR 6990 per candidate per workshop

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