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Dec 15, 2020, 12:00 PM GMT+5:30 – Jan 14, 2021, 4:00 PM GMT+5:30
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Counseling clients affected by the COVID-19 pandemic

Learn how to counsel clients affected by the pandemic using CBT and REBT skills. Learn online from the comfort of your home!


Demonstration of an actual therapy session


Procrastination is extremely common and can impair your productivity. Even when you know that you would rather break the habit, it can be very tough to do so. Every person is different and one technique isn't a fix for all. The therapist assists a volunteer (who is a psychologist herself) break the habit. For learners of REBT, the steps are mentioned in the subtitles. The therapist is a trained REBT- CBT therapist, trainer and supervisor certified by the Albert Ellis Institute, New York.

What does Morphic Minds do?

Morphic Minds is a leading company in the training and supervision of Mental Health professionals, emotional education of students, and a range of programs for the population at large. We are committed to delivering high quality training adapted to the Indian population.

The work we do at Morphicminds is based on evidence-based and globally acclaimed therapies - Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT).

We have highly skilled, certified, trained and supervised therapists who offer problem-focused and efficient therapy. We also offer online counselling and training among our many services. Check the services section.


The Albert Ellis Institute, New York

Albert Ellis Institute, New York, USA

Albert Ellis Institute, located in New York, USA is our parent organisation where Albert Ellis founded Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy. It is a world-renowned psychotherapy training Institute established in 1959.  AEI is committed to promoting emotional well-being through the research and application of effective, short-term therapy with long-term results.

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